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Workshops within the M3D project

On 06.05.2021. year, as part of the "Optimization and usage of 3D technology in medicine and health care - learn on experience" project, the first workshop was held led by experts from the University of Pavia (i.e. the 3D4MED department from Italy. A large number of participants had the opportunity to listen to very interesting presentations by coordinator Prof. Stefanie Marconi and researchers Erika Negrello and Valerie Mauri. The topics covered are the use of ITK - Snap software and post processing of virtual models for 3D printing. This was an excellent introduction to the next workshop, which will be held on 11.05.2021. in the period from 14.00 to 18.00 via the Zoom platform.
 We invite all those interested to apply and take part in these workshops, and as we have provided a number of places for participation, they can register at the link:
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