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Contact person for international exchange at OJ Faculty of Medicine UNZE: assistant professor MIrza Oruč, vice dean for NIR e-mail:

Contact person for international cooperation and students and staff mobility: assistant professor Mirza Oruč, vice dean for R&D e-mail:


The delegation of the OJ of the UNZE Faculty of Medicine of the Study Program Health Care was part of the Erasmus KA107 project of the mobility of teaching staff between the OJ of the UNZE Faculty of Medicine and the University of Applied Science Hanze Hoegschool Groningen.

As part of a five-day visit in the period from June 2-6, 2018. In 2008, a delegation led by the dean, Associate Professor Hodžić Haruna, held a series of expert meetings with the aim of improving the cooperation of these two institutions as much as possible. As part of these talks, initiatives were launched to launch new study programs of mutual interest, such as: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition and Healthy Aging. In addition to these initiatives, the organization of a joint summer school was launched, which will be organized in 2019, as well as an initiative to develop applications for the new Erasmus+ call for projects. Please note that through the already five-year cooperation, a large number of both student and teaching mobilities have been carried out between these two institutions, and the mobility development project of both teaching staff and students will be continued in the next two years.

Erasmus+ mobility

In the period from April 22-28, 2018. In 2008, the Health Care study program conducted a so-called small week of international cooperation. During this period, Tim Torsy and Ives de Mill from the University College Odyssey from Ghent (Belgium), as well as Lubomira Lizdakov and Gabriela Kuriplachova from the University of Prešov (Slovakia) stayed as guest lecturers on this study program. During this week, the lecturers intensively held courses (lectures and exercises) for students of all years of the Health care study program. Lecturers from Belgium held intensive courses of practical knowledge in the field of nursing interventions such as: placement of a nasogastric tube, placement of an IV catheter, ECG, etc... while lecturers from Slovakia held various lectures and workshops in the field of anatomy in nursing. It is extremely important to note that, as part of these activities, the health care study program organized workshops in the field of official communication for the head nurses of the Zenica Cantonal Hospital, presenting the SBAR communication model between nurses that is used in accredited university hospitals, as well as a communication system that is a reflection of superior service. health care provided in these hospitals.


As part of their activities, the guest lecturers also presented their institutions with the aim of encouraging students to apply for the mobility competitions offered at our university. This period is significant because currently students from the above-mentioned University from Belgium are on exchange at the health care study program of the UNZE Faculty of Medicine, as well as our students at the institution in Belgium.

In order to strengthen cooperation with study programs from our country, as part of these activities, 4 students from the Health Care study program from Džemal Bijedić University in Mostar stayed at our study program. Students Saima Bečić, Sara Mušić, Adi Maksumić and Salih Mujezinović had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and exchange opinions with their colleagues, but also to attend workshops led by guest lecturers. The Health Care study program of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica aims to introduce this as a practice of cooperation with other study programs.


It is extremely important to note that most of the activities took place in the Training Center of the Health Care Study Program OJ Medf UNZE, coordinated by the head of the center, Assistant Professor Mirza Oruč MA.

This is just one in a series of proofs of the continuous work and commitment of the staff of this study program towards the continuous improvement and development of the teaching process.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zenica, received students and exchange lecturers on the Health Care Study Program. During this semester, and especially this week, the Health Care study program was visited by lecturers from Odisee University College from Ghent (Belgium) Tim Torsy and Ives de Mil, and for a long period of time, students from the same institution have been staying at this study department, doing internships at to our faculty. The exchange of teaching staff and students is made possible by means of the Erasmus+ program.

In order to strengthen cooperation with the host institutions on the Health Care study program during the period April 22-28, 2018. students from the study program of the University of Džemal Bijedić from Mostar will be staying here: Sarah Musić, Saima Bečić, Adi Maksumić and Salih Mujezinović.



IP HEALTHY AGING @ Hanze University of Applied Science

A team of teachers from the University of Zenica, i.e. the Medical Faculty of the University of Zenica, Health Care Study Program,
he was on a study visit at the University of Applied Science Hanze Groningen in the period from 28.01.-05.02.2018 as an active participant,
of the international program Healthy aging as part of the study program Health care.
During this visit, the team consisting of: Harun Hodžić, PhD, Adnan Mujezinović, Assistant Professor Mirza Oruč, Malik Čabaravdić, Armina Babić MA and Amra Muslić had the opportunity to participate in a series of activities held in as part of this program, which included:
presenting UNZA and MedfUNZA, working with students and holding a series of workshops with students.


Presentation of UNZE and Medf UNZE

Mujezinović, MD, Ph.D., and Mirza Oruč, assistant professor, held a highly rated workshop with students of the second year of health care studies on the topic of risk factors among students for the emergence of MNB.

Workshop with students

Prof. Malik Čabaravdić, Ph.D., presented UNZE and the potential of studying and researching there, while the other members of the team actively participated in working with students on project tasks that were presented at the final presentation held on February 8, 2018.
It is very important to note that the cooperation between MedfUNZA and HANZE University started as part of the CCNURCA Tempus project and continued in accordance with the Erasmus+ exchange activities of teachers, students and teaching staff.
As part of these activities, Prof. Johan van Wieren, Ph.D., was on a study visit to MedfUNZA, when he actively participated in working with students in the training center of our faculty.
Four students: Erna Seferović, Amina Ibraković, Alma Velić and Amira Skrobo spent 5 months at the visiting institution as part of this cooperation and acquired enviable knowledge and competences in accordance with the NPP.

MedfUNZE team with exchange students


The cooperation between MedfUNZ and HANZA University continues in the month of May 2018, when a group of teachers comes to UNZE and will hold a series of workshops for teaching staff as part of the trainer training program in the field of health sciences.
The results of the cooperation are evidence of the mapping of MedfUNZA on the regional and EU academic scene with the aim of achieving the best possible study conditions for our students.

Cooperation with Hanze University of Applied Science continues in May 2018.

Visit as part of mobility KA107 ERASMUS+ Project from Odisee University College from Belgium

In the period from 16.-22.04. In 2017, lecturer Tim Torsy from Odisee University College from Belgium, which has its campuses in Ghent, Aalst, Sint-Niklaas and Brussels, stayed at the Faculty of Medicine - Health Care Study Program of the University of Zenica. During his stay, lecturer Tim Torsy actively worked with students of the first and second year of the Health Care study program on the topic of ¨Interventions and applications of nasogastric tubes¨. The education took place in the Training Center of the health care study program of the UNZE Faculty of Medicine.

You can see the lecturer's presentation in the attachment: Gastric tube insertion


The lecturer himself said the following about his stay:

¨In the context of the Erasmus+ program (staff mobility for teaching) it was the second time that I visited the Faculty of Medicine from the University of Zenica where I had the opportunity to exchange knowledge about gastric tube insertion with students from nursing education. Through both formal and informal contacts with students and teachers, a foundation has been made for further cooperation on different fields: student exchange for internship, teacher exchange, further development of the training center, … In order to maintain this valuable cooperation (and off course also because of the positive experience this time), I would like to come back next academic year


In the period from 03.04.-07.04.2017. The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica hosted lecturer PhDr Lubomir Lizakov from Slovakia, from the University of Prešov, as part of the Erasmus+ mobility program between our two institutions. During PhDr Lizakova's stay, students had the opportunity to hear interesting presentations in the field of asthma and shaken baby syndrome, and to hear information about the possibilities of going and studying at the University of Prešov, Slovakia as part of the mobility of students and teaching staff. This is just one of the mobilities conducted by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica, and especially the Health Care study program with the aim of recognition at the international level. During her stay, Lizakova had the opportunity to carry out practical work at the Training Center for Nursing Clinical Skills, which is on a par with European training centers for the development of clinical skills and interventions. The compliance of the program with the EU directive in the field of Health Care and the Health Care program at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica enables easier mobility of teaching staff and students of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica in the Health Care study program.

According to PhDr Lizakova, we can see that she had a very good experience during her stay at our University and our City.

My name is PhDr. Lubomira Lizakova, PhD. I teach at University of Presov in Presov on Faculty Health Care. I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina from April 3, 2017 to April 7. 2017. I had three presentations for students 1st and 2nd year of study about Faculty Health Care in Presov, Baby Shaken Syndrome and Asthma. I spent very interesting and nice time in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very nice country. I met very interesting people there. I have very beautiful experiences. (L. Lizakova). 


In the attachment you can see the presentations that were held during the stay in Zenica.

Pezentation Baby shaken syndrome

Presentation of ASTHMA

Presentation Faculty of Health Care in Presov

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