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In the period 26.03.2017. – 01.04.2017. In 2016, a delegation from the University of Zenica, led by Vice-Prof. Dr. Malik Čabravdić, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Quality Assurance, attended an intensive program of international cooperation organized by Hoeghschool Odyssey from Belgium, based in Brussels. During this event, the participants of the delegation (Prof. Fuad Hadžikadunić, Ph.D. - Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UNZE, Harun Hodžić, Ph.D. - Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zenica, Lejla Čalkić, Ph.D. - Vice Dean for Teaching at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zenica, Assistant Professor Mirza Oruč MA - ECT(A)S coordinator UNZE and Amra Muslić - coordinator for international cooperation UNZE) had the opportunity to visit the three campuses of this higher education institution in Aalst, St Niklaas and Ghent. The importance of this visit is reflected in the fact that, on this occasion, visits were also made to students who are on the mobility program at the above-mentioned institution, namely students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UNZE (Aalst campus) and the Faculty of Medicine UNZE - Health Care Study Program (Sint Niklaas campus), and which will lead the entire semester at the above-mentioned institution. During this education and training program, UNZE staff had the opportunity to present the University of Zenica and their home faculties to other partner institutions (38 different institutions from 27 countries and 3 different continents). The promotion of the potential and work of UNZE and its parent faculties was carried out with the aim of increasing the mobility of teachers and students, which is another proof of the fulfillment of UNZE's strategic objectives, i.e. strengthening work in the international field.


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