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Regular annual meeting of the "Florence Network"

On May 20 and 21, 2021. The regular annual meeting of the "Florence Network" was held with the specific topic of "Global Human Security", which represents a network of universities/faculties that provide education in the field of nursing, i.e. health care. During two days of intensive socializing and education, where a large number of participants had the opportunity to listen to various current topics in the field of nursing/health care, and to develop cooperation with other institutions. The meeting was held via the Zoom platform, and the virtual hosts were representatives from Finland (UAS Lapland and Savonia). During the two-day professional meeting, the new management of the Florence network was elected, which gathers 46 partners from 21 countries. Mirza Oruč, Ph.D., PhD, and Amar Muslić, a first-year student of the same faculty and study program, who was elected as a member of the student board of this professional network, attended as representatives of the Health Care study program of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica. The presidency in the future period will be entrusted to the representatives of Slovakia, tje Jana Nemcova from Comenius University. Membership in this network contributes to professional development and improvement of the profession, but also an opportunity to improve international cooperation both in the professional and research field. The next annual meeting is scheduled in Izmir, Turkey.

Complete program of the held meeting 

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