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Student projects (Youth Bank Zenica)

Three informal groups of students from the Faculty of Medicine in Zenica applied with three projects to the first invitation of the Zenica Youth Bank. Namely, Omladinska banka Zenica/Fondacija Mozaik were founded and started working in January of this year. A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the City of Zenica and the Youth Bank of Zenica, which enabled the financing of socially beneficial projects and micro-businesses in our city. At the first call, three projects were approved for our students, more precisely, they met the required conditions and went through the process of mentoring and selection by the board of the Youth Bank Zenica, whose process was monitored and controlled by the Coordinator of OB Zenica - Mandžuka Ermin. At the first ceremony of signing contracts and awarding checks, the Mayor of Zenica together with representatives of the City Administration addressed the project members and wished them luck in the implementation. The projects that will be implemented at our faculty, as well as the students who wrote them, are:

  1. First aid summer school (Emrina Golub, Adi Bajramović, Benjamin Muslić)
  2. Raising awareness about health and heart diseases (Larisa Gadžun, Edina Mehić, Esmedina Luković)
  3. Reducing stress in the student population (Merim Didović, Belmir Mešić, Nedžma Džafić)


The total value of the approved projects amounts to 4,500 KM, which enables the members of the projects to purchase the materials needed for the realization of the projects. It is important to emphasize that the projects will be implemented until mid-September and all students will have a great benefit and opportunity to participate.

We will definitely single out another success of students from the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine Zenica, where they wrote a project called 3D4All (3D for All) and applied it to the second call of the Zenica Youth Bank, which was open from 07.07-19.07.2020. year The students/informal group also went through the mentoring process and their project was also approved and given checks at the second contract signing ceremony. The students who wrote the 3D4All project are: Belmin Hinović, Ejub Avdić, Ahmed Mujkanovi, Enijad Arnaut.

The value of this approved project is: 800 KM.

We hope that other students will also be active in the future and that they will apply for other invitations with their projects and thus be recognized as active young people and those who make their local community a better place to live.

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