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Study visit to the University of Shkodër

University of Shkodër, Albania ¨Luigj Gurakuqi¨ in the period 02-03.06.2017. was the organizer of the 1st International Scientific Conference on Technical Medical Sciences – Research and Education in Medical Sciences (ICREMS). The University of Zenica and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica - Study Program Health Care had the role of co-organizers of this conference. The University of Zenica and the Health Care Study Program MedF UNZE were represented by Prof. Dr. Dževad Zečić - Rector of UNZE, Assistant Ph.D. Harun Hodžić - Dean of MedFUNZE, Assistant Professor Mirza Oruč MA - QA manager of the faculty, as well as representatives of the students of the Health Care Study Program. With the exception of participation in the organization of MedfUNZA - Study program Health care, he participated in the scientific and professional part of the conference with the presentation of both professional and student papers. At the very opening of the conference, Prof. Dževad Zečić stated that this is the result of good cooperation in the previous 3 years as part of the CCNURCA Tempus project and that the organization of this conference certainly represents the beginning of long-term cooperation between our two Universities.

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